10 Steps To Deep Clean Your Kitchen

If losing some weight or doing more physical activity are some of your New Year resolutions, perhaps deep cleaning your kitchen might help you achieve your goals. Jokes aside, by doing this, not only will you be immersed in some good exercise, but you will also get a double reward because a clean kitchen lifts anyone’s mood! 

Keep reading to discover the ten steps to deep clean your kitchen.

1. Declutter first

With just a 15-minute clean-up, you will get ready for hard work. Clear all the dishes and other objects from the countertops, stove, and appliances. Don’t sweep the floors yet.

2. Start from above: ceiling fan, curtains, and blinds

You don’t want to disperse dust on your recently clean kitchen. Start by removing all light fixtures and wash them carefully. Dust the ceiling fan and, if it’s greasy, wash it with a gentle cleanser like an oil soap.

3. Continue with the cabinets and drawers

Cabinets and drawers might be grimy as well, so use the same oil soap or another natural option like castile soap to scrub gently and remove the fatty layer. Take out everything and clean the inside thoroughly. This is also a great chance to reorganize your drawer dividers, flatware, crockery, and everything you store there.

4. Tackle the refrigerator and the oven

One of the best ways to start this monumental task is to apply a cleaner to the oven and, while you wait for it to take effect, get started with your refrigerator. Unplug it and move it to sweep a little underneath. Throw away any expired food and other nasty stuff, and start taking out all the shelves and drawers. Wipe everything gently to eliminate stains and use baking soda to erase the foul odors. Once you finish, return to your oven and wipe the grease and residue out.

5. Wipe the stove

Time to dismantle the stove: take the knobs, burners, spill catchers, and all removable parts off the stove. Most times, it’s best to know the right cleaning methods to use, so if you have the model of your stove, do a little Google research before starting. Check here the best ways to clean electric burnerscooktop, and range hood.

6. Run the dishwasher empty

Many people don’t realize that the dishwasher needs proper cleaning until they detect the bad odors. One of the most recommended ways to clean it is by adding soap and baking soda on an empty load and running it.

7. Clean the appliances

We aren’t done yet! Still, the toaster, blender, microwave, and other appliances need a good scrubbing or wiping. Sometimes a few spills are fossilized in the surfaces, and you’ll need to apply stainless steel cleaner. Check here some of your best options.

8. Work on the sink and countertops

The sink, the one place where everything gets washed, is another spot in your kitchen that needs heavy cleaning. Food scraps and grime can get the best of it, and you need to remove the stains and bad odors before they stay embedded indefinitely. Try baking soda and lime if you want a green solution, but if the problem persists, then opt for a more potent cleaner. Do the same with your countertops, backsplashes, and trash bin.

9. Degrease your walls

Of course, your kitchen walls need maintenance! Use a degreaser to remove the oily stains, grime, and spilled food before it is too late.

10. Sweep and mop the floor

And last but not least. Your kitchen floor is certainly full of stains, so give it a fair treatment.

Now that you know the proper way to deep clean your kitchen appliances, including the sink, refrigerator, stove, oven, and others, we hope this 2021 feels a little better. Enjoy your home to the full potential; keep your place clean and tidy. If you need any help with your cleaning chores, please contact us on our website.

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